Games & Puzzles

On these pages you will find as assortment of games puzzles to tax your brain!

Selected members' games

A selection of games from our members:

  1. Francis Bowers vs Bharath Klass, EACU under 1950, 3rd June 2023
  2. Stephen Orton vs Paul Smith, Club Championship, 30th May 2023
  3. G Blowers (Yarmouth 'A') vs K Watts (NN), 1st November 2007
  4. Tom Robinson (NN Juniors) vs K Watts (NN), 28th February 2006
  5. John Burrows (Dons 'B') vs K Watts (NN), 8th February 2005
  6. Mike Gough (Norfolk) vs Paul Madden (Derbyshire), County Championship Final 2005
  7. Kevin Watts (NN) vs S. Mukherjee (Dons 'B'), 1st November 2005

Selected classic games

  1. Paul Morphy - Duke Karl/Count Isuoard, 1858
  2. Anderssen - Dufresne, 1852 (The Evergreen game)


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